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Arthur Raymond Dearlove

Arthur Raymond Dearlove, son of Walter Henry Dearlove and Blanche Hill, studied for a B.Sc. at the University of Witwatersrand. He emigrated from South Africa in 1936 to continue his studies as a medical student at St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College in London. He completed his studies and was registered with the Medical Council on on 14 June 1939 and was a House Surgeon at St Leonards Hospital in Shoreditch, London for the England and Wales Register, taken in September of that year.

At the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps. He attained the rank of Captain and was despatched to Europe where he was captured by the Germans at Wortinghem on 13 May 1940. It seems, from records, that he was interred at various camps including XIIID at Langwasser, Nuremberg, in northern Bavaria, Oflag IXA at Spangenburg, Hesse and Oflag VIIB Eichstatt, Germany. There he served as doctor for the prisoners in the camp hospitals. It was at Oflag VIIB that he conducted a study of the 1,700 prisoners, present at the time, entitled: "Enforced Leisure: A study of the Activities of Officer Prisoners of War." Presumably after his release and repatriation sometime in April 1945, the article was published in the British Medical Journal, later in 1945.

Olaf VIIB Plan

Key: 1. Block 1 2. Block 2 3. Block 3 4. Hospital 5. Store 6. Married quarters 7. Shed 8. Lavatory 9. Orderlies' quarters 10. Orderlies' quarters 11. Kommandantur 12. Kitchen 13. Guard room 14. Block 4 15. Block 5 16. Block 6 17. Block 7 18. Block 8 19. ? 20. Guard room 21. ?

In October of 1945 Arthur married Anne Cathleen Fletcher of Beaminster, Dorset who was, also a Medical Doctor who was first registered with the Medical Council in 1937.

Ref: Dearlove A. R. (1945). Enforced Leisure: Activities of Officer Prisoners of War. British medical journal, 1(4394), 406-409.

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